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Some questions to ask yourself before you travel

February 15, 2012

Informational SurveyAre you aware of the universities environmental impact from its travel practices?

Life Cycle Carbon Emissions for different modes of transportation. Calculated in pounds of C02 per passenger for every 10 miles traveled (based on average vehicle occupancy)*:

Conventional Sedan: 8.3 lbs CO2
Conventional SUV: 9.8 lbs CO2
Urban Diesel Bus (Peak hours): 1.8 lbs CO2
Light Rail: 3.9 lbs CO2
Small Aircraft: 6.5 lbs CO2
Large Aircraft: 4.3 lbs CO2Study can be found online here

How important is this travel for the goals of your department and for the University?

If your trip requires you to travel to a transit hub (Airport/Train Station) have you considered carpooling or taking public transit to the hub?

Is your destination close enough to consider traveling by train, or other modes of public transportation? (Is your travel distance similar to traveling to Seattle, Ashland, or Boise)

If you are attending a conference/meeting, have you looked into whether there are other methods of attending?¬†(ie. teleconfrence, skype…)

If you do have to travel, but would like to mitigate the environmental impacts of your trip; we hope you consider utilizing any of the following offset opportunities


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